Our philosophy

Our goal is to inform parents so they can make the best healthcare decisions for their children in order to allow them to thrive to their fullest potentials. We provide a nurturing environment that integrates allopathic (western) and complementary & alternative medicine that is customized to meet the unique needs of each individual child. We believe in the innate healing capacity of your child’s body and mind, and that our role is to facilitate this process through a holistic, integrative approach.

We believe that your child’s manifestation of wellness or illness is caused by the unique way in which her individual biochemical and genetic makeup interacts with everything that she is exposed to on a daily basis – from the food she eats, to the air she breathes, to the water she drinks, to the environmental pollutants and toxins she absorbs, to the thoughts she thinks. Many medications only treat and suppress symptoms without addressing underlying causes. Using an integrative approach to your child’s health concerns, we strive to understand the root cause(s) of your child’s condition(s), and correct any underlying biochemical imbalances to ultimately heal your child.

We believe that time is one of the most important aspects of our care. We are able to spend the time necessary to understand the unique physical, emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual needs of your child. Treatment plans are carefully devised to meet the unique needs of your child, and thorough follow-up is ensured through office visits or telephone/online consultations. Treatment plans are guided by a thorough and comprehensive history, physical exam, and review of pertinent blood, urine, stool, or other testing.