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Dirty Dozen for 2012
The EWG suggests which foods to buy organic and which foods are the cleanest.

What To Do With Old Medications and Sharps Waste
Don't flush it or throw it in the trash! Here is what to do....

Blossom Birth Family Fun Day
As a Supporting Sponsor, Whole Child Wellness would like to invite everyone to attend Blossom Birth's 5th Annual Family Picnic on Saturday, October 2.

Whole Child Wellness nominated Best of the Bay!
We are excited that Whole Child Wellness has been nominated to be on Best of the Bay!

Celiac Day at AT&T Park, June 1
We just found out about this exciting event for gluten-free kids and families, and wanted to pass it along!

Kirkman Supplement Recall
Some Kirkman products have been recalled as a result high levels of antimony. None of these products were sold at Whole Child Wellness, but if you buy Kirkman products elsewhere please click here for full information about which products were recalled.

New Research: Probiotics prevent cold and flu-like symptoms
Kids in this study who took probiotics twice a day had 72% less fever, 62% less cough, and 59% less runny nose!

Rice Drinks and Arsenic
A recent study in the UK found that a wide range of rice drinks have above-average levels of arsenic. Follow the link above for an explanation of the study and or recommendations concerning rice drinks and your family.

Information about the swine flu:

The Best Alternative Medicine for Children.
We hope holistic medicine keeps getting more national press like in this CNN article.